Memories & Photography

The life of ours is too long in which we have to live for too many years and the life of ours goes through various different phases infancy, childhood, adolescence, juvenility and senility. Everyone in this world had a family of its own, in which they have grandparents, parents, siblings and their own children. But most of the people doesn’t had grandparents, some does not have parents and few have either mother or father.

The only way through which one remembers their loved ones is the memories, the time passed with them earlier, the fun and enjoyment done with them along with the happy moments people also remember the memories of sorrowful times as well. Earlier, in the olden times the memories exists in memories only people tell their children about their own life earlier, about the grandparents of the children and many more things other than all these which is in their memories as at that vey time this is the only way to preserve the memories. But after the advent of technology we had the facility of photography which is very helpful in keeping and saving these incredible memories through the photographs with whose help we could remember our loved ones who are not with us, the lovely time spent with them.

Earlier, photography is not very easier, taking a photograph of someone is not an easy job and afterwards making a photograph needs a lot of labor and struggle, but later on with the ongoing advancement in technologies the photography is also advanced a lot and now we had a lot of options for doing photography from the mobile’s camera to the high-end cameras with a lot of interesting and lucrative options for keeping the memories alive forever.


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