5 Things you shouldn’t mind splurging on for your wedding

While planning for your wedding could be a daunting task, it sure has a lot of fun moments too. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind while planning a wedding and everything should have a budget limit on it to help you keep your wedding investments under check and to keep a note of where all the funding is going. But while it is important to keep a check on the budget limit for most wedding decisions, some things shouldn’t have a budget limit on them.

We have made a list of wedding things which you shouldn’t think twice before spending upon them.

Good Photography

Never, ever think of skipping on photography on your wedding day. It is one of the most important days of life and it should be adequately documented. So don’t be stingy about the budget for this section, it could make or break your wedding experience.

If you find a good destination wedding photographer who costs a little more than your initially-decided budget, then don’t pass this up. Your wedding photographs need to be amazing and if it costs a little more to get that, go for it. Years later, when you look through your wedding album, you won’t even remember the cost but the quality and the perfection of the photograph will always follow you.

Destination Wedding


Another crucial part of a wedding which shouldn’t be compromised upon is the place of your wedding. It doesn’t matter if it is a destination wedding or a local wedding, choose a venue which appeals to you the most and go for it even if it is slightly out of the budget. Don’t go for the second or third option because your heart and mind would always be stuck on that first option making you pine for it forever. Destination weddings in Thailand would make for one of the best experiences of your life.

The venue should be carefully chosen and one must make sure that it is ascetically pleasing and provides a good service and parking space and easy for the guests to reach. Once you have considered all these aspects and found a perfect wedding spot, don’t give up on it because it costs a little more than your decided budget. It certainly deserves a little splurging on.


What is the main attraction of a wedding? No, not the bride and groom, they are only the temporary attraction (Just kidding!). But yes the wedding receptions take at least 5-6 hours and need some good DJ or band to provide your guests with a mode of entertainment. Most guests like dancing and if you invest in a good DJ floor and band, it is more likely that your guests will leave happier and more amazed.

A good entertainment preparation will decide whether your wedding reception will get a lot of bad remarks or would be the one wedding which sets the standard for all your friends’ future weddings.

Wedding in Thailand


Yes, now let’s come to one of the crucial aspects of the wedding from solely a bride’s point of view. You do not want to look like a mess on your own wedding day. No matter how sloppy or bad with makeup you are, your wedding day is the day when you are the star attraction and everyone should be dazzled by your beauty. A good hair stylist and makeup artist could help you in achieving this but as we know professional, high-quality service would obviously cost you a bit more.

But it is all worth it. Seeing your groom taken aback by your beauty and all the guest being awed by your appearance would definitely make up for the high price you had to pay for it. Imagine how amazing your wedding photographs would look!


People would forget where you held the wedding or if there was a DJ or not, but what they won’t forget is if the food quality wasn’t good or if there wasn’t enough variety. Give people something to talk about, make sure you hire one of the best caterers for your wedding and let guests gush in the next few parties that how amazing the food was at your wedding.

Food is an integral part of any wedding because it is one of the few places visited by almost all people at all points of time during the wedding day. So don’t cut out on this one, give your guests something good to talk about?

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